On the 11th, 13th and 14th of May 2016, Africa Sourcing Africa Sourcing, one of the most important coffee and cocoa exporting firm in Ivory Coast has organized a donation program intended for the cooperatives located in Niablé, Gohitafla and Loboville communities.

The donation ceremony expresses the company social responsibility and engagement in order to achieve a more professional and dynamic cocoa production. The cooperatives of farmers in Niablé, Gohitafla and Loboville communities received, respectively, on the 11th, 13th and the 14th of May 2016, important donations on the behalf of the trading firm.

According to Mr. Ange Fabien G. Purchasing Director at Africa Sourcing: <<it’s our duty and responsibility to care for these farmers who are indeed our first partners and to let them know how appreciative we are towards the efforts they display. Working harder and more seriously, is all we  expect from our farmers; of course all in due respect of the cooperatives members’ dignity, by caring for their welfare in order to host among them, farmers dedicated to the development of sustainable cocoa farming >>.

From Niablé (Abengourou) to Loboville (Soubré) through Gohitafla  (Zuénoula), Africa Sourcing has expressed its gratefulness towards farmers by offering tricycles to facilitate harvest activities, motorbikes, high tech weigh scales, Wheelbarrows, modern grinding machines, new boots, cocoa plants called ‘Mercedes’, phytosanitary products, phytosanitary suits with motorized pumps.

As a reminder, these ceremonies are purposed to make farmers more efficient and promote a quality and sustainable production.

Adding to these donations, Africa Sourcing has implemented many social actions regarding education, public health and gender promotion. In fact, in the Locality of Indenié, the rural health center of Niablé was rewarded with an important set of First aid drugs with over hundred impregnated mosquito nets , this, purposely to support and contribute to the public health system of the community.

The Senior Doctor of Niablé urban Health Center,Mr. Rabet Emmanuel said:<< we welcome these donations with joy and happiness; it is a quite relieving gesture towards the people of this community who more than often are confronted to challenging situations in which some people are not able to afford their medical prescriptions >>

In the region of Marahoué, the women of Gohitafla received ten (10) mobile grinding and ten (10) automatic cassava press machine; as a way to promote women wellness.

 As for Loboville (Nawa region), a classroom was renovated, the entire school was then repainted , the roof was renewed as well as the house of the Director of the public primary school which was also renovated.

The « Letagonins » of Gohitafla (the resilient women), welcomed the donations through their representative and spokesperson : << our utmost desire is to create a ‘win-win’ partnership with Africa Sourcing. And we are now more galvanized and motivated to achieve the quantity and quality required in terms of production>>; this was Mrs. TAH BI’s declaration as the Chairperson of the Management Board of COPRODIGO.

The last step. Loboville in the locality of Nawa. There, a classroom was renovated, the painting of the school roof was renewed as much as the house of the public primary school Director. All this was done by Africa Sourcing. The representative of Buyo pre-school and school, Mr. KOKOLA, and pedagogical advisor at Aplewa said :<< the classrooms were in a very deplorable state. And today due to Africa Sourcing initiative we can work peacefully. When you visit the classrooms you are inhabited by a desire to stay even more than eight (8) hours because it’s pleasing giving lectures there>>.

By initiating this donations tour to which a global amount of FCFA 100 000 000 has been allocated, Africa Sourcing is expressing its awareness and above all is fulfilling its obligations about social responsibilities towards the farmers and the rural communities.

There is, still a lot to be done to support education, health, families welfare, but the Ivorian farmers have an ally. They can count on the support of Africa Sourcing.