Cocoa Production : A trading company at the rescue of Producers… 5

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Africa Sourcing, one of the most important coffee and cocoa exporting company in Ivory Coast has organized on the 11th, 13th and 14th of May 2016 a donation ceremonies aimed atcooperatives located in Niablé, Gohitafla and Loboville communities. These donation represent the company core social policy with a strong commitment to render the Ivorian cocoa farming industry more dynamic and professional. AsThe Company Purchasing Director, Ange-Fabien GUEI, encouraged the cooperatives to work harder and seriously, by respecting and valuing their members. From Niablé(Abengourou) to Loboville(Soubré) through Gohitafla  (Zuénoula), Africa Sourcing has expressed its gratefulness towards farmers by offering tricycles to facilitate harvest activities,motorbikes, high tech weigh scales, wheelbarrows, moderngrinding machines, new boots, cocoa plants called ‘Mercedes’, phytosanitary products, phytosanitary suits with  motorized pumps.

Adding to these donations, Africa Sourcing has implemented social actionsregarding education, public health and gender promotion.

In fact, in the Locality of Indenié, the rural health center of Niablé was rewardedwith an important set of First aid drugs with over hundred impregnated mosquito nets. Thiswas implemented, to support and contribute to the public health system of the community. In the region of Marahoué, the women of Gohitafla received ten (10) mobile grinding machines and ten (10) automatic cassava press machine; as a way to promote women wellness. As for Loboville (Nawa region), a classroom was renovated, the entireschool wasthen repainted, the roof was renewed as well as the house of the Director of the school which was also renovated. It is around 100 Million worth of equipment the company offered to its partners.