Coffee and Cocoa : Cooperatives rewarded

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The Purchasing Director of Africa Sourcing Ange-Fabien Guéi, has  announced recently during a press conference which took place in a particular location in Plateau, the organization of a triple reward program  for coffee and cocoa farmers located in Niablé, Gohitafla and Logboville communities on the 11th,13thand 14th of May.

According to him this important program takes its essence in his company strong commitment to contribute to a better performance of farmers and to promote sustainable and quality production.<< Africa Sourcing will be making donations to one cooperative in each locality and implement social actions to the benefit of the concerned localities. Since his establishment, our organization took sides with the Ivorian Government and the Coffee and Cocoa Council to participate to the human fulfilment and a thorough modernization of plantations, in other words to promote a sustainable and effective cocoa production. That is the vision in which our program falls into >>.

His answer concerning the choice of these three (3) localities was that each locality was situated in a zone of cocoa production (East, Center, and West). <<These three (3) cooperatives are part of our cocoa beans suppliers’ network. They have demonstrated their professionalism and sense of ethics and are concerned of their members ‘welfare, hence engaging the commitment of farmers to develop their cooperatives. It is obvious that many other farmers deserve our encouragements and we will develop very soon other programs to reward and support them>>, that, he affirmed.

As pertained to the donations, there will be sets of agricultural equipment and many other social actions to enhance education, public and gender promotion.Nevertheless,Mr. Ange-Fabien Guéi, pointed out that, it is not solely farmers who will be beneficiary of these donations. <<The less privileged of the communities where farmers are living will also benefit from these social actions. For us, indeed, the farmers should not be dissociated from their immediate environment>> and thus he concluded his speech.