Support to cocoa farmers: A multinational Helping farmers

Le temps

The cooperatives of farmers inNiablé, Gohitafla and  Loboville communities received, respectively, on the 11th,13th and the 14th of May 2016, important donations on the behalf of the trading firm, Africa Sourcing, a major operator in the cocoa trading sector with an export level of 85 000 tons per campaign.

According to Mr. Ange Fabien G. Purchasing Director at Africa Sourcing: <<it’s our duty and responsibility to care for these farmers who are indeed our first partners and to let them know how appreciative we are towards the efforts they display. Working harder and more seriously, is all thatwe expect from our farmers; of course all in due respect of the cooperatives members’ dignity by caring for their welfare in order to host  among them  farmers dedicated to the development of sustainable cocoa >>.