Coffee and Cocoa sector : an exporter relieves cooperatives of many communities


Africa Sourcing, one of the local Coffee and Cocoa exporters has made important donations to cooperatives partners operating in Niablé, Gohitafla and Loboville (Soubré) communities.

The cooperatives receive tricycles, motorbikes, weigh scales, modern grinding machines, new boots, cocoa plants called ‘Mercedes’,phytosanitary products,phytosanitary suits with motorized pumps.

Besides those donations, the trading firm has conducted many other social actions to support education, public health and gender promotion. According to Ange-Fabien Guéi, Purchasing Director, these initiatives represent his company expression of strong responsibility towards farmers who are indeed its first partners. <<What we  expect from farmers’ cooperatives, is to work more seriously and harder, all in due respect of their members dignity, by taking careof their well-being and to host among them, farmers dedicated to the development of sustainable cocoa farming>> he stated.

As for Rabet Emmanuel, Senior Doctor at Niablé urban Health Center, it is a relieving gesture towards the people of this community who aremore than often confronted to challenging situations related to health issues >>. It is relevant to highlight that these donations activities fall into this trading company policy with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  The Company has therefore mobilized more than FCFA 100 million. << surely there is so much left to be done so far as education, health and the farmers’ families welfare are concerned, but the Ivorian farmers have an ally . They can count on our support>>, so the Purchasing Director concluded.