Interprofessional active member

AFRICA SOURCING is at the initiative of the setting up of a national professional exporters union of coffee and cocoa. This group, driven by the vision of AFRICA SOURCING, was launched in June 2015 and is called “Groupement des Négociants Ivoiriens (GNI)”. It brings together ten (10) companies with the capacity to operate by their own means which are managed by Ivorian professionals who acquired a rich experience while working in multinationals firms of the sector. The group will soon integrate three (3) new members, with the capacity to operate by their own and able to meet the contractual obligations of the CCC’s international contracts.
However, the GNI is an open association that will also host other exporters who need guidance in order to increase their capacity with the aim of operating by their own.
The GNI is fully compliant with the guidelines of the reform of the coffee and cocoa industry conducted by the Ivorian government through the CCC.