Quality delivered according to buyers specifications

AFRICA SOURCING delivers cocoa beans which meet customers required quality specifications as long as it subsequently mentioned in a typical FCC sale contract for cocoa beans, OIC sale contract for the coffee, AFI sale contract for the cashew nuts and finally INCOGRAIN sale contract for the maize.

The Required quality criteria are:

  • Cocoa: moisture, bean count, moldiness, insect damaged, slated, foreign matters, clusters, residues, sieving under 0.5 mm, flat, FFA.
  • Green coffee: humidity, colors
  • Cashew nuts: humidity, Out turn (KOR),grain, unwanted organics
  • Maize: humidity, unwanted organics, colors,

In the specific case of the CCC international contracts execution, AFRICA SOURCING is endepted to deliver to international buyers, the required quality products stipulated by CCC international contract which is fundamentally based on the strict Ivorian quality standards. However, even in this specific case, AFRICA SOURCING offers the possibility to international buyers, with the agreement of the CCC, to customize the quality terms of the CCC’s international contract to suit its needs.

For some quality criteria related to FFA as pertained to cocoa, of which no limit is defined by default both in Ivorian and FCC quality standards, we can agree contractually on limits, under new conditions.