Rigorous quality control of our supplies

AS-EnglishAFRICA SOURCING starts its quality control from its buying centers in the interior parts of the country where the cocoa undergoes an extensive set of analysis. The choice cocoa will be delivered to Abidjan or San Pedro harbor where once again will be double-checked in AFRICA SOURCING laboratory or independent laboratories namely Katoen Natie (ex Unicontrol), Bureau veritas or ACE laboratories according to the nature of the concerned product. The checked classic criteria (moisture, bean count, mouldy beans, insect damaged, slaty beans, unwanted organics) as well as all other specific criteria such as FFA, clusters, residues, sievings, flat.
If machining is required, other sets of test will be conducted after the determined period of machining. Finally, with the aim to service good quality products to our customer; a final quality control test will be conducted when the cocoa is put into export lots and also during the packaging.
The purchasing centers dispatched all over the production areas guarantee an effective and definite opinion about the quality of products being cultivated in Ivory Coast.
AFRICA SOURCING represents therefore an efficient and relevant database for any purchasing endeavors in this industry. Let’s highlight that AFRICA SOURCING is recognized by cooperatives and producers as very demanding and very inflexible on the quality criteria when purchasing their cocoa.
Our teams are made of experienced Laboratory technicians and our laboratory to conduct physics and chemistry tests are equipped with the latest scientific materials.
With time, AFRICA SOURCING has been able to impose to its suppliers the rules of ethics required from the farming stage, through the transformation process with the aim to obtain en end product of best quality.