Social responsibility in the coffee and Cocoa sector : Farmers receive donations

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Some cocoa planters have been relieved. Ange Fabien GUEI, Africa Sourcing Purchasing Director, also a coffee and cocoa exporter in Ivory Coast, has organized, recently,donation ceremonies aimed atcooperatives in Niablé, Gohitafla and Loboville communities. According to him this program is the expression of their responsibility towards farmers.

He has invited, to this effect, the cooperatives to work harder and seriously, by respecting and valuingtheir members in order to develop a sustainable cocoa production.

From Niablé(Abengourou) to Loboville(Soubré) viaGohitafla  (Zuénoula), Africa Sourcing has expressed its gratefulness towards farmers by offering tricycles to facilitate harvest activities, motorbikes, high tech weigh scales, Wheelbarrows, moderngrinding machines, phytosanitary products and so on .

As a reminder, these ceremonies are purposed to make farmers more efficient and promote quality and sustainable production.

Besides these donations, Africa Sourcing has implemented social actionsregarding education, public health and gender promotion