Infrastructures of Quality

Purchasing centers within the country

Our purchasing centers are equipped with modern tools allowing the cocoa reception and conservation process in reliable secured conditions. Some tools among many others are enlisted bellow:

  • Weight pallets scales connected to software provide automatic and accurate weight measures.
  • Information technology tools equipped with stock management software.
  • Secured warehouses with an average storage capacity of 1000 tons.

Coffee and Cocoa drying and conditioning factories

AFRICA SOURCING has two (2) factories located in Abidjan and San Pedro. Each factory has a capacity to dry, clean and re-bag 1000 tons of cocoa beans per day.
The maintenance of our plants and machinery is regularly carried out by skilled engineers supervised by professionals of the field. Regular investments are made in these factories in order to improve their processing performances, output and most importantly to satisfy our clients quality standards requirements; namely to decrease the level of broken beans, unwanted organics, clusters, flat beans, sieving).

Export warehouses with international norm

AFRICA SOURCING possesses modern warehouses that meet security standards and which are subject to monthly phytosanitary treatments. Our warehouses as well as coffee and cocoa stocks are insured by international insurance companies.

Transit – Handling

The transit and packaging of our products are carried out by BOLLORE AFRICA LOGISTICS, a prominent partner and the industry leader in its field. In collaboration with BOLLORE, our Export-Shipping department ensures the monitoring of the entire shipment process from Export warehouses to the harbor port of departure.